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So... I don't know what to say to be honest, I'm french, a boy (boy or man, I don't event know what to put it's awkward), very (very) interested in furry.

I was born in 1998, I speak English and German (more or less, I'm level B1 so I can try to talk with a native if he helps me T_T). I'm here to help, am tired of those who think knowing the fandom but just say shit ('kay I do like furry pr0n but... Not everyone does!). I've a boyfriend, very nice & all - I infected him with Furry Fandom }:3

I wanna go to EuroFurence but don't have the moneyyy and that's all for now.

Tumblr: ya0i-w0rld.tumblr.com — I post some naughty pics
We ♥ It: weheartit.com/ya0i_w0rld — I post (sometimes translates and ~) some naughty pics
Something I'm working on but *hm* nothing special: furdom.skyrock.com — For you to see that my french is better than my english