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Secufur is an artist, poet, philosopher and fursuiter from Normandy, France.

Secufur's fursona is a Mechanical Demon Wolf recently nammed "Spencer" who's been banned from Hell. It's supposed to be a double personality character like this: Secufur is the good side and Spencer the Bad side, comparable to Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde, in some way. Since the 'both' side (Secufur and Spencer) been send back on Earth in a same entity, Spencer try his best to be evil and come back in Hell... But he can't stop Secufur to be gentle, even if sometime the both of us agreed to be evil for some reason.

To help them in their "Evil quest", they attempt to create a fictional group named 'Mayhem Council': No one know if they done it...

The design of Secufur is very basic, it's a black and red furred wolf, inspired by the horror 1985's movie "Re-Animator" (in the clothes style, at least), but Spencer,him, appear to be deeply inspired by Warwick, a character from the Multi-player Online Battle Arena League of Legend, but also by the character "Beetlejuice" from the 1988's fantasy comedy movie of the same name.