Stéréotype de la renarde

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Le stéréotype de la renarde est l'équivalent furry du stéréotype de la blonde. Il consiste, pour les furries adolescents et adultes, à rire entre eux en se racontant des blagues parfois bien crues sur les renardes.

Exemples de blagues sur les renardes tirés du WikiFur anglophone[modifier]

  • We are vixens of Borg. Resistance is futile, but we like it when you struggle ! (giggle)
  • Vixens are expendable items (like all foxes).
  • Some vixens may be recyclable.
  • A good vixen never gets all the way filled up.
  • Vixens should be fresh... and served on ice.
  • If their eyes get white you should quit to avoid explosion.
  • Most vixens are plug-and-play compatible.
  • What's the one thing in the air, that can get a vixen pregnant ? Her ankles.
  • Why did the vixen have lipstick on her steering wheel ? She was trying to blow the horn.
  • What does a vixen say after sex ? _ "Thanks guys !"
  • Why is a vixen like a hardware store ? They're both 10¢ a screw !
  • Why did the vixen wear condoms on her ears ? So she wouldn't get Hearing Aides.
  • A vixen walks into a yiff shop, and asks the shopkeeper : _ "How much is everything in the shop ?" The shopkeeper says : _ "$5,000. Do you have the money ?" The vixen says : _ "No, but I'm willing to work off my debt."


  • On peut en trouver des exemples dans le webcomic Jewel Vixens.