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birth of Shenron in this world[modifier]

Shenron under the Chinese name of ShenLong his initial first name, is a dragon born on February 9, 2000 with a very special mutation, as we know when a dragon of his species born has a long body, except that for him it is not is not the case, Shenron has a humanoid body, dragon paws, human hands with strong claws, dragon face, dragon tail, basically he is a mix between a human and a dragon, but he has a character of a normal dragon.

Shenron is a dragon with a special character, he doesn't like to be dominated, and the other furries who dominate him Shenron doesn't let him pass and has a very special surprise in store for him.

Shenron's physique, like a large dragon, Shenron is a very muscular being, his musculature is very impressive and his strength is there. The strength of this dragon is 15 times more intense than a bodybuilder who carries a train on his waist to pull it, for Shenron he can pull more than 3 freight trains weighing several tons without effort.

Here are the character details:[modifier]

  • Gender: male
  • Specimen: Dragon
  • Full Name: Shenron the Dragon
  • Colors: Green
  • Eye Colors: Red
  • Hair color: Dark green
  • Height: 9'74ft
  • weight: 210kg
  • Force intensity in multiplication: x15
  • His character: dominant
  • Mental status: Normal
  • Personality: Friendly and sociable