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Un article de WikiFur, l'encyclopédie de l'univers furry.

Предлагаем красивые, короткие домены, домены с ТИЦ. Пример короткого домена цнц.рф


Thank you for your work on the articles WikiFur, Shinobu and Cheetah. There are not many people taking care of the French WikiFur, so all help is appreciated! :-) GreenReaper (discussion) 17 février 2016 à 18:41 (CET)

Also, to link to the French Wikipedia, you can use this: [[w:fr:Article name|title]]. GreenReaper (discussion) 17 février 2016 à 18:43 (CET)

-- Owww... I'm a shy person so i dunno what to say! I just want the people here in France to have a good image of the fandom so I do what I can, and.. Thank YOU :D
Well, all languages of WikiFur are hosted on Timduru's server in France, as well as Flayrah and the Yerf archive - so you are not the only one to help there. ;-) GreenReaper (discussion) 17 février 2016 à 18:56 (CET)
[Just understood how this thing with the : works] I didn't knew there were all of that in France... Wow. Too much pride!