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Good News Everyone![modifier]

  • So! New school next months, almost 18 y.o, still with my bf, bored bored bc I spend my holidays not doing anything.
  • And I feel depressed IDK why (I know but it's so sad in fact) Ya0i wolrd (discussion) 28 juillet 2016 à 18:35 (CEST)


Thank you for your work on the articles WikiFur, Shinobu and Cheetah. There are not many people taking care of the French WikiFur, so all help is appreciated! :-) GreenReaper (discussion) 17 février 2016 à 18:41 (CET)

Also, to link to the French Wikipedia, you can use this: [[w:fr:Article name|title]]. GreenReaper (discussion) 17 février 2016 à 18:43 (CET)

-- Owww... I'm a shy person so i dunno what to say! I just want the people here in France to have a good image of the fandom so I do what I can, and.. Thank YOU :D
Well, all languages of WikiFur are hosted on Timduru's server in France, as well as Flayrah and the Yerf archive - so you are not the only one to help there. ;-) GreenReaper (discussion) 17 février 2016 à 18:56 (CET)
[Just understood how this thing with the : works] I didn't knew there were all of that in France... Wow. Too much pride!